Direct Access Primary Care


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DAPC emphasizes access to care. Decreasing logistical and financial barriers improves both healthcare and relationships.


DAPC minimizes work involving health insurances. Simpler systems are more efficient for patients and providers.


By decreasing unnecessary administrative burden, DAPC focuses on what really matters: the patient-provider relationship.

Financial Model

Direct Access Primary Care 


Creating a low-cost medical office allows DAPC practices to charge less. Monthly office expenses can be less than $5000 (not including the provider's salary).


Low-costs means getting more efficient. DAPC uses stream-lined process ad technology to improve workflows.

Provider Salary:

DAPC Providers

DAPC provider salaries are dependent on how many patients they see. They make the choice.

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Beyond a pay check

DAPC gives providers more freedom, less administrative tasks, more time to help patients and greater joy. 

Providers can save 10+ hours of administrative work each week. They can use this time to see more patients or to focus on other things.

Estimated Salaries:

Average 20 patients a day – $125,000 yearly

Average 25 patients a day – $165,000 yearly

Average 30 patients a day – $205,000 yearly

(Estimates based on $35 per visit, 2 weeks vacation, 5 work days, $5000, $5500, $6000 monthly expenses respectively)

DAPC is about access

Healthcare only has true value to those who can access it


The DAPC Model is built around patient access.

Walk Ins

We promote Walk-In Visits to help decrease logistical barriers to seeking care.


DAPC accepts everyone without memberships, regardless of self-identification or values.

Low Cost

Financial barriers are significant obstacles for many. Decreasing costs enable more to take care of themselves.


DAPC Clinics are open at convenient hours: early, late and weekends.

Proof of Concept

iHealth Clinic is a primary care and urgent care clinic in Pittsburgh that is running a Direct Access Primary Care model. 

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Who does DAPC affect the most?
Some Medicaid Patient choose DPAC clinics, despite having to pay, due to:
- increased access
- quality care
No Insurance
It is estimated that 8.5% of Americans (25+ million) do not have health insurance. DAPC is often the first choice due to:
- increased access
- quality care
- low costs
Commercial Insurance
With the average deductible is $1500 for a single person and $2750 for a family, many with commercial insurance elect to use DAPC due to:
- increased access
- quality care
- low costs
DAPC is especially useful for these patients who need office procedures and for those with access issues:
- increased access
- quality care

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