Direct Access Primary Care


Traditional Primary Care and Urgent Care is great but can also be expensive and inconvenient. Learn more and get involved with a new way of delivering care: Direct Access Primary Care.


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DAPC clinics do not charge membership or access fees. That means you only pay for what you need and DAPC clinics only get paid if they help you.


DAPC is designed specifically to make access easier with: convenient hours, useful technology and a focus on you - the patient.

Clear Prices

Healthcare almost never has clear prices. DAPC prices are clear. You pay after your visit and that's it. Surprises are for parties, not medical bills.

can be expensive

But it doesn’t have to be… 

Low cost Visits

DAPC can often be the cheapest option for many. Some DAPC clinics only charge $35 per visit. Most patients on a commercial insurance have to pay the copay and the deductible, making a simple visit to the doctor cost over $100. ER visits can cost even more at over $1300.


DAPC clinic specialize in finding medications that are affordable. Sometimes, providers can even find alternative medications that can be cheaper than medications they may already by taking.


DAPC clinics work with affordable resources for testing. This means cheap blood work and radiology testing. Some patients can even save more money paying cash than using their insurance.

The Problem:


Every been sick and couldn’t get help? Has a doctor’s office told you that there are no openings for weeks? Have you avoided going to a medical provider because of the cost?

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DAPC improves access

DAPC is purposefully designed to improve access to primary care. Decreasing barriers for patients to get help is our mission and method.

We are here to help!

We believe Direct Access Primary Care can help a lot of people. It may not be the best solution for everyone but DAPC is a new way of providing care and may be a great choice for many.

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Tell your medical providers, friends and family about Direct Access Primary Care. Make a difference.

Proof of Concept

iHealth Clinic is a primary care and urgent care clinic in Pittsburgh that is running a Direct Access Primary Care model. 

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Benefits for Patients

Better care first starts with providers having more time and energy to care for patients. DAPC emphasizes the provider-patient experience instead of administrative work.

DAPC improves access by creating a sustainable practice model. Some practices can charge only $35 per visit, allowing more to get care they need.

Patients love the concept of DAPC. It allows them to get care conveniently and with less cost. Our goal is to promote the model so that more providers can offer DAPC.

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we need your help

DAPC is a new way of delivering care. Most physicians and healthcare providers do not know about the model. If you believe that your medical provider may be interested in the model, tell them about our website, contact us or share us on social media with the icons on the left! Thank you! 

We can improve healthcare with your help.