Direct Access Primary Care

Case Study:
ihealth Clinic

iHealth Clinic in Pittsburgh has been providing DAPC since July of 2019. 


iHealth clinic was designed with three things in mind:


As a micro-practice that does not take insurance as payment, workflows are simple and efficient. Administrative work is minimal.


There is only one provider at iHealth Clinic so patients get consistent care with someone they trust.


iHealth Clinic improves patient access by offering convenient hours, walk-ins, low costs and never excluding new patients.

Decreasing costs of care

As a Micropractice

No Staff

As the second highest cost in a medical office is additional staffing, iHealth Clinic eliminates this cost by using a Micropractice model. The physician does everything from greeting patients, IT, and cleaning.

Not BILLING insurances

By not billing insurances, iHealth Clinic is estimated to save $100,000 each year. Those savings go back to the patients. The time and energy saved by the Physician is also focused on the patients.

The Problem:

Burn Out

Moral injury can be damaging to a medical provider. Doctor Wong at iHealth Clinic has regained the joy in caring for those who need it using a DAPC model. Not having to work regularly with insurances saves time but also energy.

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Distracted Medicine

Traditional medicine can be full of distractions like insurance paperwork, quality measures, administrative work. DAPC focuses on what matters – the patient. 

Practicing with the focus on the patient is what providers are trained to do and what they want to do. Eliminating distractions allow providers to take back control of their work and their calling.

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We believe Direct Access Primary Care can lead to less burn out, happier and more productive providers while serving the community and improving patient care.

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iHealth Clinic integrates technology into patient care to promote efficiency and care.

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See how iHealth clinic makes things efficient with little staff

Check In

Patient Intake

Check In

Automating check in

Using a self-check in system allows patients to check in by themselves and input important information.

Average Time to check in:
New Patients - 7 min
Established Patients - 2 min

Chart creation

Using the athenahealth EMR, information quickly:

Input Time into chart:

Demographics –  < 1 min
Medical Information – 2 min



Patient convenience

Focusing on efficiency

Patients immediately sit on the exam table that functions as a chair.

By decreasing patient movement, medical visits are quicker and more efficient but also more convenient for patients.

EMR Accelerators

The athenahealth EMR focuses on efficiency and allows quick documentation by using: Encounter Plans, Text Macros, Order Sets and Saved Findings.

Some visits can be completed by the time the patient leaves by using accelerators.

Check Out

Check Out

Check Out

Patients do not have to move to a separate check out area.

Patients are given detailed written After Care instructions and have a chance to ask questions or clarify instructions with the provider.

Check Out time:
~1-2 min


The clinic is able to process payments using the athenahealth EMR.

Credit/Debit/HSA/FSA cards can be processed with the EMR. Cash is accepted as well.

Payment time:
~1 min

Patient Communication

patient Portal

Patients are able to ask simple question and request refills on a secure patient portal.

automate phone calls

By using an innovative virtual customer service system, patients are able to get  information from an automated system.

Patients can ask the system things such as “Can I get a flu shot?” or “Can I get blood tests?”
Benefits for Patients

Better care first starts with providers having more time and energy to care for patients. DAPC emphasizes the provider-patient experience instead of administrative work.

DAPC improves access by creating a sustainable practice model. Some practices can charge only $35 per visit, allowing more to get care they need.

Patients love the concept of DAPC. It allows them to get care quickly, conveniently and with less financial barriers.

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