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Being a traditional primary care provider is difficult. Learn more about a different way in approaching primary care that improves access, decreases administrative burden and increases provider happiness.


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When over 40% of providers are burnt out, there's a sickness in our healthcare system.

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Direct Access Primary Care is a new concept that can improve our Healthcare system.

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DAPC may not be the only model for delivering healthcare but it is a new concept that may be perfect for you


You can learn more about DAPC as well. Share the idea, contribute to the cause and talk to your healthcare provider about it.

The Problem:

Burn Out

A great deal of burnout deals with moral injury when providers can’t deliver the care they want and need to because of flaws in the healthcare system. Decreased face-to-face patient time, increased administrative burden, system inefficiencies are symptoms of the disease.

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We believe Direct Access Primary Care can lead to less burn out, happier and more productive providers while serving the community and improving patient care.

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Proof of Concept

iHealth Clinic is a primary care and urgent care clinic in Pittsburgh that is running a Direct Access Primary Care model. 

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Benefits for Patients

Better care first starts with providers having more time and energy to care for patients. DAPC emphasizes the provider-patient experience instead of administrative work.

DAPC improves access by creating a sustainable practice model. Some practices can charge only $35 per visit, allowing more to get care they need.

Patients love the concept of DAPC. It allows them to get care quickly, conveniently and with less financial barriers.

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